Who We Are

About our company

Trio Craft specializes in authentic handmade textiles and carpets.  Trio Craft has nearly 40 years of satisfied customers who appreciate the time and dedication the employees made evident in the carpets and fabrics.  We have fostered the creativity of our employees but are more than willing to meet the particular needs of individuals or businesses that need customization.

Trio Craft Plc was started in Kenya in 1983 by Elizabeth Kassa, a businesswoman whose background was as a social worker.  She wanted to help single mothers and decided to start Trio Craft as a vehicle to help empower women with opportunities.  Elizabeth bought a table loom and taught herself how to weave, she then installed two full-sized looms in her garage and hired the first two single mothers.  From these humble beginnings, she eventually expanded to employ over 100 workers by the time she left Nairobi Kenya in 2004.  Trio craft’s high standard for quality and customer satisfaction resulted in supplying textiles and carpets for the top hotels in East Africa countries like Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.  Four of her former employees have opened their own weaving companies, Trio Craft in Nairobi, Kenya is still thriving and continuing the tradition of excellence.  In 2004 Elizabeth built a five-story factory and started a Trio Craft in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.  

Elizabeth Kassa